Today's Skate Times
No Public Sessions Today
Thursday's Public Skate Times
Sorry...No public sessions are scheduled today.
This Week's Public Skate Times
Sunday Skate Session
Public Skate Session  1:00 PM to 6:00 PM  $6.00*
*Skate rental is an additional $2.00 | Inline skates extra $5.00
 Friday  Skate Session
Friday Session  6:00 PM to 10:00 PM  $6.00*
*Skate rental is an additional $2.00 | Inlines are additional $5.00

Skate Lessons  10:00 AM to 11:00 AM  $10.00*
*Skate rental is included in the admission price |

Inline skates extra $5.00

Stay after the lesson and practice what you just learned. 

Snack Bar opens at 11:00 am

Public Skate Session
Public Skate  11:00 AM to 10:00 PM  $6.00*
*Skate rental is an additional $2.00 | Inline Skates an additional $5.00
Thunderbird Roller Rink Rules

Thunderbird Roller Rink

So that everyone has a fun filled roller skating experience, the following rules will be enforced.
These rules apply to everyone, parents and children.

1. Patrons will conduct themselves at all times as ladies and gentlemen.
2. NO SMOKING!  NO Vapor - NO E-CIGARETTES its a Plano Ord.
6. NO In & Out privileges or loitering around the building. When you leave, you leave. Person will have to pay admission again for re-entry.
7. NO alcoholic beverages or drugs, or anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be allowed on the premises.
8. All patrons will be neatly groomed, no revealing clothes, clothes should be neat and clean.
9. All inline and quad skates must be clean and in good repair. NO MISSING WHEELS OR SHARP EDGES!
10. Fast, reckless, tag playing, or skating in an unsafe manner that may jeopardize the safety of others will not be permitted.
11. No sitting on railings, walls, tables or counters.
12. All persons renting skates must wear socks (Socks may be purchased for $3)
13. When skate session is over, tuck laces inside the rental skates and return them to the skate room.
14. All shoes, coats, purses, and personal belongings must be placed in a locker or unlocked wall locker. Items may not be kept at snack bar tables. Thunderbird Roller Rink is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
15. All food and drink are to be kept in the snack bar area.
16. Parent may be spectators only. Everyone else entering building must pay admission.
17. Management reserves the right to inspect lockers, skate cases, back packs or similar items when entering, while in the building, or leaving building.
18. Please report all accidents to management.
19. Patron must follow all posted and verbal rules and instructions.
20. Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

21. Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason.
22. All persons entering the building assumes all risk regarding accidents and injury.

23. Anyone age 18 or above must sign a waiver of liability before skating
                                        SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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